Der Norwegische Top-Boulderer Thilo Schröter verbrachte fast einen Monat in den Tessiner Boulder-Hotspots und kletterte einen Klassiker nach dem anderen.

LACRUX berichtete Anfang März über seine Begehung in Sobrio. Auf seiner Ticklist sind aber noch weit mehr harte Boulder. Thilo erzählte uns im Interview, was seine Pläne waren und was noch ansteht.

Thilo, what where you plans for this trip to Switzerland?
My plan for this trip was to try the most classic boulders in Ticino. The list of boulder to try was endless before the trip and it still is. I don’t really plan too much before trips but try whatever makes sense considering the weather, my friends, and my skin.

How long will you stay in Switzerland?
I’ve been in Ticino for five weeks now. The outdoor climbing part of the trip is over now, but I’m going to Zurich to get used to plastic again before the World Cup in Meiringen.

What did you climb so far?

Thilo Schröter in Ninja Skills bei Sobrio
Thilo Schröter in Ninja Skills (8b+) bei Sobrio

I’ve climbed Ninja Skills 8B+. That was the boulder I was most psyched on before the trip. Then I did General Disarray 8B, Amber 8A+ and Vecchio Leone 8B, the three most classic test pieces in Brione in three days. I basically flashed Vecchio Leone, but dry fired last second. Didn’t let that get to me and did it two tries later. However I did flash I Portici & Ganymede Takeover – 8A+, and four 8A’s.

Whats still on your list?
The one boulder that I’ve invested time in that I haven’t done is Big Kat 8B+. The list of boulder that I haven’t tried but would like to try is endless. I didn’t climb much in Magic, Cresciano and Val Bavona, so there is plenty of stuff to do there. Those areas will have to wait for another time. Hopefully I can come back soon!

Thilo Schröter in Dulcifer 8a+ bei Schöllenen
Thilo Schröter in Dulcifer 8a+ bei Schöllenen


Thilo Schröter flasht I Portici 8A+ bei Osogna
Thilo Schröter flasht I Portici 8A+ bei Osogna

Credits: Bilder Thilo Schröter

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