Sports watches have undergone a remarkable development. Once as a simple pulse check on the wrist, they have blossomed into true all-rounders in recent years. The trend is now towards specialization. The watches are designed as perfectly matched measuring devices for individual sports. This also applies to the Garmin Enduro, which is fully tailored to trail running.

A contribution in cooperation with Bächli Bergsport

What are crucial values ​​for ambitious trail runners? The ratio of maximum output with minimum effort over as long a period of time as possible is certainly at the top. Or to put it another way: to climb a few more meters in altitude without turning in the red. This is exactly where the Garmin Enduro comes in.

Accelerate or brake: the Garmin Enduro tells you

The modern sports watch measures the pulse directly on the wrist, just like similar models do. An additional feature is the possibility of determining the oxygen content in the blood. The measurement can be made directly on the watch. The data obtained is used to determine the muscular load limit when running.

The highlight: The Garmin Enduro takes this data and compares it with the training route. This results in different performance recommendations for different terrain conditions and gradients. So the watch tells you when it's time to accelerate or step on the brakes.

Important features at a glance

  • Extraordinarily powerful battery with additional solar power
  • recovery guide
  • overheat warning
  • competition features
  • Detailed navigation and map system

For runners who want to get the most out of their activities, the Garmin enduro just right. But of course also for all those who cannot escape the fascination of sports watches.

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