Product of the month - In the past few days, at least in the higher elevations, several dozen centimeters of fresh snow fell. It's time to introduce you to a touring ski that feels just as much at home in deep powder and on long climbs as it does on the bitterly cold North Pole: Scott's Superguide 95.

A contribution in cooperation with Bächli Bergsport

Touring skis should be all-rounders. On the one hand, they have to convey a safe driving experience and glide precisely through the snow - on the ascent and during the descent. And ultimately, the most important factor is also important: fun. The Superguide 95 from Scott scores in all areas.

The Scott Superguide 95 in the steep wall couloir

Reliability despite playfulness

The elliptically shaped wooden core of the rocker ski guarantees reliable handling on all slopes and snow conditions. The lightweight construction enables playful and agile descents - and last but not least, a pleasant, quick ascent to the summit. In the spirit of "earn your turns", but please as comfortably as possible.

The Scott Superguide 95 in brief

  • Tip and tail rockers
  • 3Dimension sidecut
  • Sandwich construction with elliptical construction
  • Paulownia wood core
  • Sidewall
  • Inlays made of carbon and aramid
  • Available in sizes 168 cm, 178 cm and 184 cm

That the Superguide 95 Extreme athlete Mike Horn has really felt at home everywhere: He was on a North Pole crossing with the Scott model. There is no more endurance test.

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Credits: Cover picture Bächli Bergsport