For a long time, the K2 was considered too dangerous for commercial expeditions and was therefore only climbed by experienced alpinists. This has changed fundamentally in recent years. While 2021 mountaineers reached the summit of K48 in July 2, in the same month of this year alone it was 145 people in one day.

Hundreds of mountaineers, wrapped up in thick down suits, standing with their legs tucked up in a huge line, such images were only known from the Mount Everest. At the latest since July 26, 2022, it has been clear that the business model of the highest mountain in the world will also be K2 move in stop. With the corresponding consequences. On the said record day at the end of July, the queue formed at the most dangerous part of the mountain, the notorious bottleneck.

Turnaround came faster than expected

Just a year ago, the American expert thought so Alan Arnette unlikely that K2 will be besieged by tourism to the same extent as Everest. "In terms of the requirements, the K2 is not a tourist mountain and never will be."

The K2 has been the destination of commercial expeditions since the 90s. "But in the past it was always small teams with few customers," says the experienced high-altitude climber Ralf Djumovits.

"In terms of the requirements, the K2 is not a tourist mountain and never will be."

Alan Arnette

New route planned

The summit record of July 26th and the numerous expedition providers positioning themselves on K2 are indications that mass tourism has also reached K2. Are you allowed to the announcement of Nimal Purja Believe it or not, K2 aspirants can soon look forward to a new, safer route.

Nirmal Purja, here with 33 guests on the mountain, wants to establish a new route on K2. Picture: Nimal Purja

According to the alpinist, around 300 people were on the Abruzzi route this year. “It was very dangerous and disturbing. There was a rock fall every two minutes and some of them were huge. Unfortunately, some climbers lost their lives in the process.» That's why Nimsdai wants to establish a new route to the second highest mountain in the world in order to take customers to the summit without traffic jams.

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