Voice commands can be useful. We talk to our phones to be faster and devices like Alexa talk to us in turn as if we were in a relationship. An electronic device that is symbolic of efficiency and speed in mountain sports is the avalanche transceiver. The question that arises is: Could voice commands speed up the search for buried subjects? Ortovox has an answer: The Diract Voice.

A contribution by Fabian Reichle - Bächli Bergsport

Standard avalanche equipment has had an interesting development. While the archaic blades and probes remain largely unchanged in their functions, that has LVS made enormous leaps. This is mainly thanks to technological and digital progress. So it is hardly surprising that voice commands are now also finding their way into the devices. Actually.

Diract Voice - gimmick or security gain?

Skepticism is definitely justified, because a speaking avalanche transceiver primarily sounds like gimmick and experiment - both things that you would definitely want to do without in an emergency. But prejudices are known to be there to be cleared out of the way.

Ortovox's demands are obvious: An avalanche transceiver cannot be simple and intuitive enough.

Ortovox's demands are obvious: An avalanche transceiver cannot be simple and intuitive enough. A device that speaks to you has two decisive advantages in these areas. Firstly, direct instructions from a voice can be implemented more quickly than when information has to be read on a display and secondly, a psychological aspect comes into play here, a voice can calm you down.

This can be life-saving, especially in extreme stressful situations such as an avalanche with buried subjects. The Diract Voice must therefore be imagined as a professional coach who is there when searching for buried people and who gives clear instructions.

Aside from the language, the Diract Voice also scores in many other areas. The reduced, logical design also contributes to intuitive operation; the integrated post-avalanche protection switches automatically from search to send mode in the worst-case scenario; the display is easy to read even in the most difficult weather conditions.

Avalanche transceiver with lithium-ion battery

Another unique feature is the integrated battery. Gone are the days of leaked batteries and even better: The battery is extremely cold-resistant and delivers reliable and long-term performance even at -20 degrees.

Im Direct Voice is a concentrated load of technical innovation that is well thought out and sensible. Talking about superlatives is always tricky, but it can certainly be said that Ortovox has succeeded in creating a small game changer. Among other things, this has earned the device the “ISPO Product of the Year Award”.

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Credits: picture Ortovox, text Bächli Bergsport