The Japanese boulderer Toru Nakajima needs the 8c testpiece Lucid Dreaming in Bishop (California) since last weekend no longer call a project. He succeeded the fourth climb of the Boulder.

His comment on the successful ascent:

“After 16 days, divided into three trips, I was finally able to climb my long-term project Lucid Dreaming. I put an enormous amount of time and energy into this project, which of course resulted in a lot of mental pressure. Now it's on to the next project. There are so many more exciting boulders waiting to be visited. "

First ascent by Paul Robinson

The Boulder Lucid Dreaming was opened in March 2010 by Paul Robinson, who first stated 8c + as the level of difficulty. Shortly afterwards he corrected the difficulty to 8c, which Daniel Woods also confirmed during his ascent in 2014.

Alex Megos toughest boulder so far

Five years after the first ascent by Paul Robinson, Alex Megos climbed the boulder and said at the time that it was the hardest boulder he had ever climbed. That means something that Alex was and is pretty fit. There is a nice video from Red Bull of the ascent of Lucid Dreaming.

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