Last weekend, the competition athletes met in the Chinese metropolis of Tai'an. Surprisingly, Israel's Alex Khazanov and, less surprisingly, Akiyo Noguchi took the gold medal for the men.

At the second Boulder World Cup of the last two weeks, the winner of Meiringen was again in the lead. Jernej Kruder, who was always in the final this season, won the silver medal in Tai'an. Israeli Alex Khazanov, who has never been in a final before, was quite pleased to make it to the semi-finals. He probably never thought that he would make it to the final and at the end of the competition would be at the top of the podium. Alex won for the first time an IFSC World Cup with three tops, which nobody else could do. The best placement for the German men was won by Jan Hojer with the 7. Rang and Jakob Schubert for the Austrians with the 12. Rank.

Johanna Färber just past the podium

Also with the German and Austrian women this weekend was not enough for a medal. Next to the podium, 20-year-old Johanna Färber made the 5. Space. The best placing among the German women took Alma Bestvater with the 23. Rank. The front ranks took other familiar names, such as Fanny Gibert. The Frenchwoman was on the podium for the third time this season and climbed to third place in Tai'an with two tops. Miho Nonaka, who ranked 1, 2 and 2 respectively in the first three competitions of the season, made the silver medal hat-trick in Tai'an. Even in Chongqing, the Japanese Akiyo Noguchi was hard to break. That did not change in Ta'an either. She flashed all qualification boulders, topped all the boulders of the competition and needed only five attempts for the final boulders.

The highlights of the Boulder World Cup in Tai'an

The pictures of the Boulder World Cup in Tai'an

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