Finally there is a bouldering guide for the Murg Valley. The book is now online and available in selected stores.

In the last 18 years, in the Murg Valley about 700 boulder problems were developed. For a long time, hardly anyone was aware of the size of this bouldering paradise. Numerous information was collected and compiled in the new topo.

The Murgtal in the year 1999

After Marco Goldener and Pascal Büsser learned from Jakob Baghini in 1999 that there are many boulders in the Murg Valley, the two crazy boys started bouldering on these blocks. They quickly realized what potential slumbers in the Murg Valley. Thomas Steinbrugger came in the year 2002 together with Bernd Zangerl and Jack Mueller from the Magic Wood into the Murgtal and began diligently to clean the blocks.

Fred Nicole opens historic lines

Always in search of new boulder blocks, Fred also found his way to the St. Gallen Murgtal in the year 2002. Countless boulder problems in the 8. Degree he opened here. With debris Fred gave the Murgtal the first 8c-Boulder, which was devalued after a breakout on 8b +. In spring 2015, Fred cracked another test piece with Arzak (8c) and added another sprint to 2017 in the spring with the onslaught of Netsuke (8b + / c).

Here you can buy the Bouldering Guide for the Murg Valley

If you have no patience and want to start right away, the best way to buy the Boulder Guide is in the nearby village of Murg. In the restaurant Murgcity the bouldering bible can be bought (Tue-Fri 8.30 a.m. - 23.00 p.m., Sat 09.00 a.m. - 23.30 p.m., Sun 09.00 a.m. - 20.00 p.m., closed on Mondays). For those who would like to prepare for an upcoming trip, the following points of sale are available:

It is recommended to contact the respective branches and halls in advance. In which branches, for example, Bächli Bergsport has laid the leader, we are not aware.

Credits: Many thanks for the great topo goes to Silvan Dermond of

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