The 25-year-old Russian Vadim Timonov from St. Petersburg drove to the Swiss Bouldering Paradise after the World Climbing Championships in Innsbruck and the Adidas Rockstars Magic Wood, The ticklist that Vadim presents at the end of his stay is too good to be true.

Vadim Timonov is not a common name. Wrongly. The Russian stayed in the 15 for days Averstal and climbed one heavy boulder after another. Overall, he scored 13 Boulder in the eighth French rankings, including 8a + Flash and 8c (The Understanding).

The complete ticklist of Vadim Timonov's bouldering trip to Averstal

  • The Understanding 8c
  • Practice of the Wild 8b + \ c
  • Believe in two 8b +
  • New base line 8b +
  • Ill Trill 8b +
  • The Never Ending Story 8b +
  • High Spirit 8a +
  • Sofa surfer 8a +
  • Massive Attack 8a +
  • The bizarre ride 8a + (flash)
  • Voigas 8a / +
  • Body count 8a
  • The left hand of darkness 8a / +
  • Piranja 7c
  • Conan 7c / + (flash)

Vadim Timonov on the 8c Boulder The Understanding

Vadim's preparation for the World Cup: Boulder trip to Scandinavia

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Credits: Cover picture Vadim Timonov

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