Near the Czech city of Brno, the home of Adam Ondra, there are various tough bouldering problems, one of them with an ultra-tight grip. In this video Adam projects two exciting boulders.

Adam Ondra invested quite a few attempts and various solutions in the edge boulder near his home. But he was denied access. Then his buddy came along Martin Stranik and found a solution for the key point. Adam Ondra was motivated again and drove to the boulder again - to find out that the handle Martin used is one of the worst that Adam Ondra had gotten his hands on so far.

I don't know if I can hold this grip. It's razor sharp and so, so, so small!

Adam Ondra
Image AO Productions

A few weeks later, Martin Stranik gave further attempts - with success. He gives the line its name The Edge Problem and rates it 8b +.

This is arguably the most difficult 8b + in the entire Galaxy.

Adam Ondra

Even if the boulder is interesting and challenging at the same time. Adam won't be returning anytime soon. One grip is too painful.

I'll try the boulder again in winter.

Adam Ondra

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Credits: Cover picture AO Productions