Alexander Rohr and Alexander Megos were on a quick visit to the Bernese bouldering area Lindental and climbed the most difficult lines.

Back from a climbing trip combined with a long drive Alexander tube and Alexander Megos. to Bern. "We just wanted to do something, go climbing after sitting in the car for so long," explains Alexander Rohr on the phone.

The two found the solution in the bouldering area near the city Lindental, with its famous hole and groin bouldering on the imposing sandstone roller. After the initial skepticism about the conditions, the day turned out to be extremely successful. Alexander Rohr managed to climb one of the most difficult lines in the area, the bouldering traverse Medialomania.

Alexander Rohr inspecting Medialomania

The boulder starts a little further to the left of the seat start of Bloc à Robi and then crosses far to the right to the final grip of the boulder Komet. All in all, half a world tour with extremely difficult key moves.

“It is difficult to give a boulder rating here. I would suggest 8c + as a bouldering traverse. As a route evaluation 9a + or 9a (hard). "

Alexander tube

Alexander Megos focused on a shorter boulder line and climbed minimalistic (8b +). Minimalistic is also a combination of existing lines. The start is analogous to the boulder Medialomania, followed by the exit of the boulder Bloc à Robi.

Alexander Megos on the ascent of Minimalistic (8b +)

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Credits: Cover picture Alexander tube