Chalkbag is the same Chalkbag - you might think. But that is not the case. In today's post we'll show you why a special magnesium bag for bouldering more than makes sense and imagine the Chalkbag Reactor by Red Chili.

There are many reasons for using different magnesium bags for sport climbing and bouldering. The following four reasons speak for an extra chalkbag for bouldering.

1. No tipping - no magnesium

Powder your hands, place the magnesium bag next to the pad and start the experiment in the project. So far so good. The attempt to get through succeeds and you happily receive the Feastbumps of his comrades and stumble over the Chalkbag next to the pad. And already half the content is distributed on the pad. With a chalkpot like that Reactor of Red Chili That can not happen. The magnesium pot is larger than an ordinary magnesium bag and does not tip over thanks to its large bottom surface. Your precious one Frictionlabs-Chalk is safe.

2. No day without magnesium

Especially in bouldering the magnesium consumption is very high. Before each attempt the hands are powdered, usually even twice. The consumption of white gold is correspondingly high. In a conventional magnesium bag, you just put down a magnesium block. In a magnesium pot like the Reactor, you can store so much Chalk that you can count on perfect friction in the end as well.

3. Smartphone and keys in safety

Not everyone makes an Instagram story update from every movement in bouldering. Maybe you'll check a video beta for a while to decipher the solution for getting through faster. In any case, most people like to wear the smartphone. The Chalkbag Reactor of Red Chili has a padded compartment with a key fob, where you can safely stow your smartphone and car keys.

An extra pocket for smartphone and keys.

4. Away with the chalk, here's the friction

Again and again you meet Boulder, whose handles are smeared with chalk. This is not only bad for friction, but also bad for the rock. So it is all the more important to clean the handles and remove the markings during and especially after the session at the block. You can use your climbing brush in practical outer compartments of the Red Chilli Reactor Attach.

You have a whole climbing brush arsenal? No problem. The Reactor orders them all.

Details about the magnesium bag Reactor of Red Chili

The Red Chili Reactor features a durable and dustproof roll-top closure, a zippered side pocket, a lined smartphone pocket and a key fastening. A mesh and brush bag provide additional storage space for all bouldering equipment. The Reactor of Red Chili is at Bächli mountain sports online shop as well as in all branches erhältlich.

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