In a recently published video, Magnus Midtbo attempted the most difficult boulder on the Kilterboard. Now Alexander Megos and Chris Hanke are doubling with a new video.

got the ball rolling Magnus Midtbo about two weeks ago. He published a video in which he allegedly tackled the most difficult boulder Kilter board tries. In his video, he assumed that Alex Megos the boulder «Bibliography» defined in the app to focus on the red point ascent of the route in Céüse to prepare. But Midtbo didn't have a trick.

Now Alex takes Megos in a joint video Chris Hanke picks up the thread and says: "I didn't define the boulder." The Megos/Hanke duo also tried their hand at bouldering – also unsuccessfully.

Megos also says in the video that the boulder has little to do with the actual key point in the bibliography and quickly defines a new boulder in the Kilterboard app. You can find out in the following video whether Megos and Hanke can climb the new boulder, "The Real Bibliography".

Alexander Megos and Chris Hanke attempt the most difficult Kilterboard Boulder | Video

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Credits: Cover picture Alexander Megos. and Chris Hanke