Due to the exceptional situation in Switzerland, the local authorities in the municipality of Ferrera have closed the bouldering area Magic Wood. The Federal Council strongly advises against trips to Ticino. What is the situation like in the Murgtal?

There is no officially ordered travel ban in Switzerland. The Federal Council appeals to the reason and solidarity of every individual.

“It is important that we all hold out: stay at home even at Easter. Even when the weather is nice. "

The recommendation / request from the Federal Office of Public Health

Despite these urgent instructions from the authorities, numerous climbing enthusiasts are regularly drawn to the rock. Now the local communities intervene and introduce bans. These are enforced and controlled with the support of the police.

Bouldering area Magic Wood closed until further notice

Ferrera was the first community to respond. All parking spaces in the boulder area, the campsite and the surrounding forest (boulder area Magic Wood) are blocked until further notice. Camping's Thomas Saluz told LACRUX that the community had announced police controls.

Here the municipality of Ferrera communicates the closure of the Magic Wood bouldering area. (Photo by Thomas Saluz)

Rush to the Murgtal bouldering area?

After the bouldering area was closed Magic Wood and the urgent request from the Federal Council not to go to Ticino, many are on the blocks of the Murgtal dodge. LACRUX spoke to Erich Zoller, President of the Quarten community.

Zoller tells our magazine that the community originally decided to appeal to reason and not to order the closing of parking lots or areas (lake, bouldering area). Only police controls were planned, which checked the federal government's compliance with national regulations (distance, etc.).

In view of the new situation resulting from yesterday's closure of the Magic Wood bouldering area, discussions are taking place again and a closure may still be ordered at short notice. His message to the climbing community:

“The resentment in the population is so great. If climbers behave in a disagreeable manner, they will damage the bouldering area in the long term. Please stay at home now "

Eric Zoller

Erich Zoller explains that there are two camps in the community - regardless of the Corona situation. Those who greet the bouldering area and its visitors and those who consider the Murg Valley to be a nature reserve and who wanted to close the bouldering area. A run on the bouldering area could therefore have political consequences.

Until the time of going to press, it had not yet been decided whether the appeal to reason and solidarity would remain on the part of the Quarten community or whether it would still be blocked.

The appeal to reason in the municipality of Quarten (bouldering area Murgtal). (Picture zVg)

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