In the new edition of the bouldering guide Swiss Bloc 1 by the Röker brothers, the blocks on the Furkapass that have been developed in recent years and new lines on the Nufenenpass are listed exclusively.

Ulrich and Harald Röker's work includes 16 bouldering hot spots between Schaffhausen and the main Alpine ridge and has been supplemented by 1 bouldering lines. This includes cave lime at the Kesslerloch, the finest granite in Magic Wood and on the high Swiss passes, chilled bouldering in Engelberg, sandstone-like block seas around Kandersteg and a few other bouldering delicacies.

For the first time ever, the areas on the Nufenen Pass and Furka Pass are presented in a book.

World class blocks on the Furka Pass

At the Furka Pass, countless excellent bouldering problems lie dormant in high alpine surroundings at an altitude of up to 2600 m and are waiting for hungry repeaters. In recent years, a motivated group of bouldering enthusiastic climbers from the Lucerne area has repeatedly opened up new blocks and sectors.

In 2019, Harald Röker joined the access group at the invitation and thanks to great inspiring days together with the Swiss friends, the number of problems climbed doubled to 400 lines from very easy to 8b (Fb).

In the Swiss mountains there is still an almost inexhaustible material slumbering in blocks, waiting to be discovered. This topo provides an inventory of most of the important Swiss bouldering spots in the area of ​​German-speaking Switzerland.

These areas are included in the bouldering guide:

Kesslerloch, Magic Wood, Engelberg, Blattiswald, Morschach, Göschenen, Schöllenen, Gotthard Pass, Nufenen Pass, Furka Pass, Susten Pass, Steingletscher, Grimsel Pass, Fuxenstein, Kandersteg, Goppenstein

The bouldering guide Swiss Bloc 1 (2020 edition)

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