The coronavirus (Covid-19), which is rampant worldwide, also intensively occupies the IFSC. It was decided yesterday that the 2020 European Championships will not take place as planned. The IFSC Boulder World Cup planned in Meiringen is being questioned.

Yesterday, Wednesday 11 March 2020, the IFSC announced that the European Championships in Moscow will not take place as planned. As already announced, the Asian championships were also postponed to June.

What about the IFSC Bouldering World Cup in Meiringen?

While the championships in Europe and Asia have been postponed, the situation regarding the Bouldering World Cup scheduled for April is still unclear. Yesterday's IFSC announcement states:

"In addition to the postponement of the two events, the implementation of all competitions in April is being reconsidered."


The organizers themselves, the Haslital Mountain Festival and the Swiss Alpine Club SAC, communicated a few days ago that a decision will be made on March 16 at the latest.

"The safety of the athletes, supervisors and visitors to the festival is our top priority."

Christian Willi, OK President of the Haslital Mountain Festival

UPDATE: 12.03.2020/17.41/XNUMX - XNUMX p.m.

The Boulder World Cup in Meiringen has also been postponed indefinitely.

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Credits: Image Haslital Mountain Festival