Dave Graham is one of the strongest climbers in the world and has climbed numerous boulders for the first time. For the ascent of the Petrichor boulder, he had to dig deep into his bag of tricks.

Dave Graham, born in Maine, USA, began climbing at the end of the 90s and very quickly became one of the world's top boulderers. In 2000 he moved to Europe and made difficult ascents like The Story of Two Worlds, From Dirt Grows the Flowers or Foundation's Edge a name.

In recent years, the international climbing scene has made a pilgrimage to the Rocklands. The South African bouldering area has a huge potential of blocks, a playground for people like Graham, Woods & Co. One of the most spectacular lines, at least as far as the beta is concerned, is Petrichor, rated 8c. In order to decipher the passage on the roof edge, a complex toe-hook passage has to be mastered.

Dave Graham on the first ascent of Petrichor (8c)

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