A few days ago the Patriziato di Cresciano communicated the ban on driving to the bouldering area in an official and public message. Memories of the past winter are awakened.

The story is not new. At the beginning of the year, the Patriziato di Cresciano put up signs asking the climbers and other visitors to the area to use the parking spaces in the village and to respect the driving ban. But the ban was disregarded by numerous climbers. Police checks were then carried out to emphasize the matter. Apparently that didn't help either.

A few days ago, the Patriziato di Cresciano published a report and asks once again to respect the driving ban and to use the parking spaces in the village.

As in our reports from January and February 2021, we call on the climbing community to respect the driving and parking ban and to use the parking spaces in the village.

Call for constructive proposals

Interestingly, the patriziato supplements the current call to respect the driving ban with the following formulation: "We are working on a workable solution that takes everyone's needs into account and enables the area and its attractions to be reached in a practicable manner." the Patriziato di Cresciano committed to contacting constructive ideas via email: [email protected]

Who or what is the Patriziato di Cresciano?

The alpine road between the village of Cresciano and the quarry (Cresciano sul Sasso) as well as most of the bouldering blocks lie on the ground of the Patriziato di Cresciano. Ticino has over 200 so-called patriciati who own extensive estates. The patriciati are corporations under public law, in German-speaking Switzerland to be compared with the civil parishes.

Official announcement of the Patriziato di Cresciano of October 15, 2021

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