Daniel Woods and Giuliano Cameroni get a repeat of the Fortaleza (8b +) line, Brazil's heaviest boulder.

After stays in Ticino and the United States tingelten Daniel Woods and Giuliano Cameroni on to Brazil, accompanied by Matty Hong, Shawn Raboutou and from the local hero Felipe Camargo, It did not take long before the announcement of serious offenses was announced.

“Dream line, dream landscape. Great job, Felipe, for the first ascent of the heaviest boulder in the country. A pearl. "

Daniel Woods on Boulder Fortaleza (8b +)

Daniel Woods as well as Giuliano Cameroni picked up the replay during their stay in South America. The Boulder 2014 was first delivered by the Brazilian Felipe Camargo, after thirteen years of designing. His latest coup was the ascent of the Chris Sharma route El Bon Combat (9b) in the Spanish climbing area Cova de l'ocell.

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Credits: Cover picture Matty Hong

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