The Ticino bouldering classics seem to appeal to Will Bosi. After his success in Alphane (9A), the strong Scot also managed the flash ascent of the 8B classic Vecchio Leone in Brione. Also going strong was Daniel Woods, who repeated Fred Nicole's Radja (8B+) from 1996 with the original beta.

A week ago secured himself Will Bosi the third ascent of the 9A boulder Alphane in Chironico and once again underlined his fantastic shape. He has used this in the past few days to "try" other bouldering classics in Ticino. The Mega line Vecchio Leone (8B) in the bouldering area Brione he could even flash.

«A great problem! I've enjoyed trying out many of the classics here over the past week

Will Bosi
Will Bosi flashes the 8B Boulder Vecchio Leone. Image: Angus Davidson
Will Bosi flashes the 8B Boulder Vecchio Leone. Picture: Angus Davidson

Radja: First 8B+ boulder in the world

A classic has also become Daniel Woods made when he was in Branson in Valais Radjah (8B+) climbed. The bouldering problem, by none other than Fred Nicole opened, went down in history in 1996 as the most difficult line of its time.

Some time has passed since the first ascent by the Swiss bouldering pioneer. Over the years a new beta has developed that makes Radja more of an 8B. However, Daniel Woods wanted to climb the boulder the way Fred Nicole did.

“The line is definitely designed to get an 8B+ out, but history is history. Overall, the moves and grip choices are great."

Daniel Woods

Daniel Woods with the almost flash of Radja (8B+)

This is how Fred Nicole Radja (8B+) climbed in 1996

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Credits: Cover picture Angus Davidson