A few days ago, Daniel Woods only managed to repeat the second 8c + boulder in Switzerland for the second time: Off the Wagon sit in Val Bavona, Ticino.

The young American opened a year ago Shawn Raboutou the first 8c + boulder in Switzerland. Since then, the line has been designed by numerous greats of the climbing scene. So far, only two people have been successful: Jimmy Webb and now Daniel Woods.

“One of the most exciting experiences I've ever had while bouldering. Power, precision and accuracy must be perfectly orchestrated for an inspection. I was pretty much at the limit during the ascent, but I managed to pull myself together and got out of the boulder. In my opinion, the line is definitely one of the best three in the world. "

Daniel Woods on Off the Wagon sit

Versace (8b) and Primitivo (8c) committed

A few days after the ascent of Off the wagon sit reports Daniel Woods the ascent of two more difficult boulders - in a single day. First he went after Brione and climbed the 8b boulder started by Jimmy Webb Versace. Then Daniel switched to Val Bavona and climbed the 8c boulder Primitive in the first attempt (but not flash, since he tried the boulder before).

Video: Jimmy Webb inspecting Off the Wagon sit (8c +)

Unfortunately, there is still no video of Daniel Woods in Off the Wagon sit. Remedy is the uncut recording of Jimmy Webb.

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Credits: Cover picture Mary Mecklenburg

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