American Dave Graham manages the fourth ascent of the 8c boulder Hazel Grace on the Gotthard Pass.

Dave graham It was who discovered the line at the Gotthard Pass in 2005: “I discovered and attempted one of the most alluring boulders I have ever come across in my travels; a perfect pillar of Alpine granite, featured with subtle crack systems and a few rogue pockets, intriguing and aesthetic, ”he describes the boulder. Somehow, in all these years, Dave never made it back to try the line again.

First ascent by Giuliano Cameroni

So it was the Ticino Giuliano Cameroniwho in August 2017 the Boulder Hazel Grace first started (LACRUX reported). After that, another year passed before the Boulder had its first repetitions. It was then within a short time equal to their three. The Finn was the first to succeed Nalle Hukkataival the walk-through. After that, the Italian Gabriele Moroni cracked the tricky sequences of Hazel Grace. Gabriele Moroni By the way, Boulder was the only one who valued 8b +. After these two iterations, it was the line's discoverer, Dave Graham, who made the fourth comeback.

Dave Graham at the walk of Hazel Grace on the Gotthard Pass

Video of the first ascent by Giuliano Cameroni

Credits: picture Dave graham


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