On the 24. March 2018 opens its doors in Berne a new Boulderhalle: The bimano. With over 800 square meters of bouldering area and 100 square meters of training area, the bimano is one of the largest Bouler halls in Switzerland.

Until the opening next weekend, the operators are still working flat out on the last wall elements and are diligently fixing boulder problems. “You can boulder in the new hall for the first time from 16 p.m. "We are proud to be probably the first to own a fixed Airpad installation in the world." The Airpad is a two meter thick air cushion that guarantees a soft landing. That is also necessary, because the pillow lies under the highest bouldering wall that probably exists in Switzerland: an eleven meter high and overhanging wall. High-ball atmosphere is guaranteed.

From plate to roof climbing

Of course, the hall not only provides overhang junkies the appropriate playing field. Lovers of nasty plates and technical boulders will also get their money's worth. If you have little time or want to build up strength efficiently, there are 100 square meters of training area and a moonboard available. If that's not enough, then you can relax thanks to the combined subscription with the fitness center Unik training finally ripe for a deserved Feierabendbier or a fine Znacht in the restaurant Zent make.

Opening ceremony at the 24. March 2018

The hall opens at the 24. March 2018 at 16.00 clock. From 22.00 clock plays the Lucerne band Blind Butcher until then DJ Peter Szanto accompanied those present in the early morning hours with his beats.

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