Ticino currently seems to be under siege. Numerous strong climbers take advantage of the perfect conditions in southern Switzerland. These are recent achievements.

From Ticino we get news of difficult ascents almost every day. That's not surprising either, because the conditions for bouldering are perfect. There hasn't been any precipitation for a long time, the temperatures are low and the sun is shining. The gentlemen, among others, knew how to take advantage of these conditions Marco Müller, Kim Marschner, Und Florian Wientjes.

Florian Wientjes during the inspection of Crystal Ship in Cresciano. (Picture: Kim Marschner)
Florian Wientjes during the inspection of Crystal Ship in Cresciano. (Picture: Kim Marschner)

The Swiss Marco Müller announced at the beginning of the month the ascent of what is probably the most famous boulder in the world, Dreamtime in Cresciano. The next success story followed five days ago: Müller climbs the Dave Graham test piece Story of Two Worlds (8c) on the same block.

Kim Marschner projecting Crystal Ship

The German climber Florian Wientjes was also active in Cresciano. He dedicated himself to a line in the La Boule sector that was made exactly a year earlier to the day by Giuliano Cameroni was first climbed: Crystal Ship. According to our information, the boulder was only repeated by Clément Lechaptois before he climbed it. Motivated by Wientjes, his compatriot succeeded Kim Marschner same day the fourth ascent of Crystal ship. The level of difficulty of the line is between 8b+ and 8c.

“Crystal Ship is a new dream line from Giuliano. The boulder involves two difficult moves that require a lot of strength and perfect body position.”

Florian Wientjes

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Credits: Cover picture Marco Müller