The Italian professional athlete Gabriele Moroni managed to commemorate the famous boulder Off the Wagon (8b +) in Val Bavona, Switzerland a few days ago.

Again, a strong athlete started Off the Wagon im Tessin, Gabriele Moroni gets the seventh ascent of the line through Chris Sharma became famous in the climbing movie Dosage. First came the Boulder of the Finn Nalle Hukkataival in November 2012. For Moroni, the story began around Off the Wagon several years ago when he told his colleagues Luca Rinaldi accompanied during the project planning. "At that time, an inspection was miles away for me, which is why I no longer pursued the project," says Gabriele.

"Everything felt perfect, late start, well rested after two days off, good warm up and perfect conditions."

First the video of Giuliano Cameroni's ascent in April 2017 provided new courage again. “When I saw Giuliano's ascent and noticed that he was using a different kick, my motivation was back. Thanks to this kick, the train was easier for smaller people. After a few sessions I managed the move ”, so Gabriele continue. In defiance, the block wrestled him for two seasons, until he managed to get through a few days ago.

Video with Gabriele Moroni's celebration of Off the Wagon

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About a month ago, the American climbed Shawn Raboutou First the seat-start version of Off the Wagon. As a difficulty, he specifies 8c +. The few additional moves obviously increase the difficulty massive. More in the following article.

American Shawn Raboutou climbs Switzerland's first 8c + Boulder: Off the Wagon low

Credits: picture video clip


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