At the Boulder World Cup in Hachioji, Japan, Japanese athletes dominated as usual. A surprise was provided by the Italian Gabriele Moroni, who climbed onto the podium. With the win in Hachioji Moroni gets for the first time a gold medal at a World Cup after 14 years competition circus.

We are used to the fact that the athletes with the blue and black shirts are omnipresent at international competitions. In Hachioji, however, the Japanese pushed it to the top again. Eleven athletes were in the semi-final, six in the final. Akiyo Noguchi topped all problems of the qualifying round and mastered all four semi-final boulders in the first attempt. The fourfold bouldering champion was the first problem of the finals and only fell at the second final boulder. Hot on the heels was her teammate Miho Nonaka, who took second place at the end of the day.

The bronze medal was won by Russian Ekaterina Kipriianova, who celebrated her first World Cup podium finish in third place. An outstanding performance was achieved by the German Alma Bestvater, who took fifth place in the strong top field. The best place for the Austrians was Johanna Färber (19 rank). For the Swiss athletes it was Jara Späte with the 31. Rank.

Mastered boulder sovereign

In the men's final, all candidates struggled with their first record problem - except for the Italian Gabriele Moroni. It was then he who was at the top of the podium in Hachioji. For Gabriele it was the first World Cup victory in his 14-year competitive career.
The athletes from Switzerland and Germany were less successful. The best result for the German men Kim Marschner got with the 17. Space. Kevin Heiniger took the 33. Rank the best place of the Swiss delegation.

The highlights of the Bouldering World Cup in Hachioji

The top ranks at a glance

Final ranking at the World Cup in Hachioji - Japan

Credits: Cover picture Eddie Fowke - IFSC


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