The Ticino boulderer Giuliano Cameroni manages the first ascent of a new dreamline in the South African Rocklands: Raised by Wolves (8b).

After his successful time with numerous first ascents in Brazil flog Giuliano zusammen mit Daniel Woods and Co. to South Africa. There, too, makes the Swiss sit up and take notice. At regular intervals, he announces the commission of heavy boulders.

“Raised by Wolves is one of the best boulders on this planet”

Giuliano Cameroni

Especially during the inspection of the 8b-Boulder Raised by Wolves Giuliano in raptures. Raised by Wolves is one of the coolest boulders in one of the best areas on this planet. A few days earlier he managed another first ascent of a boulder with Ménage à trois, which he rated 8b + (soft). His third and most recent ascent is a repetition of the 8c boulder Spray of Light, with Giuliano describing the boulder as “low-end 8c”.

Giuliano Cameroni at the launch of Spray of Light in the Rocklands - South Africa.jpg
Giuliano Cameroni during the inspection of Spray of Light. (Picture kaisonlavicka)

Ryuichi Murai during the inspection of Spray of Light

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Credits: Cover picture Chad Greedy, Picture Spray of Light kaisonlavicka