Together with Bernd Zangerl, Giuliano Cameroni spent several days in the Valle dell'Orco and among other things opened the Boulder Gran Paradiso (8b + / c).

The Austrian boulderer Bernd Zangerl spent some days in the Valle dell'Orco, It's the place he's with in the first half Il Colonel Sit opened a heavy boulder. On his last trip to the valley he showed the Ticino Giuliano Cameroni an unbegangene line.

“It's one of the most unique lines I've ever seen in granite. Due to the difficult conditions, I had to wait until the last day of our stay before I could climb the boulder. "

Giuliano Cameroni

In addition to the first ascent of Gran Paradiso Giuliano also climbed Il Colonel.

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Credits: Cover picture Bernd Zangerl