The Swiss professional climber Giuliano Cameroni succeeds in the fourth ascent of the 8c boulder La Force Tranquille in Magic Wood.

And bouldering again Giuliano Cameroni successfully a heavy line. For once not in his homeland, Ticino, but in Magic Wood. Giuliano made his first attempts five years ago. In 2018 there was almost an ascent, but then his foot slipped away - and the ascent into the distance.

The next day there was about three feet of snow on the block and I had to be patient all winter.

Giuliano Cameroni

Giuliano actually thought it was only a matter of time, or a few tries, until he was on the block. But it turned out differently. Neither in 2019 nor last year he was able to convince the block to be inspected.

Giuliano Cameroni during the ascent of La Force Tranquille (8c) in Magic Wood. (Photo Clément Lechaptois)
Giuliano Cameroni during the ascent of La Force Tranquille (8c) in Magic Wood. (Photo Clément Lechaptois)

Now that I focused on improving my groin strength, the line felt feasible again and I was on the block on the second try!

Giuliano Cameroni

La Force Tranquille was from Daniel Woods first ascended in October 2011. A year and a half later, the boulder was removed from Nalle Hukkataival repeated. Then it remained quiet around the line for a long time Jakob Schubert came. He repeated the boulder last year and even extended the line with a direct exit (La Force Tranquille Direct).

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Credits: Cover picture Clément Lechaptois