The reports about the heavy commissures of the Swiss Giuliano Cameroni have recently been overturned. His latest coup: He succeeds probably the first flash first ascent of a 8b-Boulder. The result of his visit was the "The House of the Rising Sun" line in the South African Rocklands.

Our editor actually planned to report Giuliano's ascent of the 8c boulder Monkey Wedding (8c). But now Giuliano this walk almost a bit in the shade. Along with Daniel Woods Giuliano has been staying in South Africa for several weeks. It was Daniel Woods who checked out the boulder in Toprope and gave Giuliano some scant information on the sequence.

"A perfect afternoon. We ran up to this project, from the beginning I thought it fit me in style. I decided to give a good first try and everything went together! "

Giuliano Cameroni on His First Flash First Visit to The House of the Rising Sun (8b)

Based on the information from Daniel Woods rose Giuliano so in the Boulder and was a short time later on the block, but with a different than the planned beta.

Giuliano Cameroni at the celebration of The House of the rising sun (picture Chad Greedy)

According to our information, this is the first flash first ascent of a boulder on this difficulty level. By the way, just a few days later he managed to flash the Boulder Microline (8a +).

The entire South Africa ticklist of Giuliano Cameroni

8b + Ménage à trois
7c (Flash) The dying breed
8b (FA) Raised by Wolfes
8c Spray of Light
8c Monkey Wedding
7c + (Flash) Art Form
8b (Flash, FA) House of the Rising Sun.
8a + (FA) Hotel California
8a + (Flash) Microline
8a (FA) The Lion King
8a Beach Vibes
7c (Flash, FA) Bae Watch

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Credits: picture Chad Greedy