Giuliano Cameroni makes Switzerland a nice present on National Day. He opens with Hazel Grace an 8c boulder on the Gotthard Pass.

This year's ticklist of the young Tessiner can be seen. Around 25 Boulder in the eighth French grade Giuliano has already collected in the year 2017. Including 8c twice and 8b + four times. On the 1. August announces the 20-year-old that he has managed the first ascent of a boulder on the Gotthard Pass. He calls his latest creation Hazel Grace and specifies 8c as the rating. We asked Giuliano about the visit:

Dave Graham found the line more than ten years ago and since then I've never thought about the idea of ​​trying it once least. Turned out to be one of my favorite hard boulders. The crux is the first move, a very difficult right-hand lock-off where you only need finger power. After that it's maybe 8a +, but the style is totally different and the holds are way bigger. Took me about six days to both the crux and the boulder.

Video about the first ascent of Giuliano Cameroni at the Gotthardpass

Giuliano Cameroni at the first ascent of Hazel Grace on the Gotthard Pass - Switzerland
Giuliano Cameroni on the first ascent of Hazel Grace on the Gotthard Pass - Switzerland


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Credits: picture Giuliano Cameroni

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