On the weekend of the 17. and 18. August the Boulderevent All Senses Jam celebrated its debut. The competition format of host and bouldering pioneer Bernd Zangerl not only required the use of finger power. Whether climbing no-holds or blindfolded lines, all the senses were involved.

Just one day before the official start of the event, the 16 Boulder athletes got to know each other at a cozy dinner in the Hotel Wirlerhof and were asked to vote for the team. The following teams were determined by card draw from one pro and rookie each:

Melissa Le Nevé - Melissa Bernhard
Nadine Wallner - Lea Fortin
Niky Ceria - Julia Ernhofer
Babsi Zangerl - Michael Bräuer
Lara Neumeier - David Zinsler
Fabian Buhl - Dominic Lobgesang
Rustam Gelmanov - Johannes Hofherr

 “All Senses was a great success. The weather was perfect and all teams were super motivated and put in an incredible performance. All participants were happy and satisfied, it couldn't be better! "

Bernd Zangerl

Armed with their brand-new Petzl boulder mats, the eight rookies set off on Saturday morning at Silvapark Galtür to ​​try their hand at a variety of bouldering problems with their experienced teammates. It quickly became clear that Bernd Zangerl had a good feel for the pre-selection of rookies.

"I pull my hat in front of all rookies. They more than met the expectations. The teams were all outstanding and it was really hard to choose only one winner. "

Bernd Zangerl

In the course of the day, more and more expert audiences joined the event, in order not to miss the final challenges with no-hand-bouldering and blind-bouldering.

Climbing without hands. Here the balance is needed. (Picture Stefan Kürzi)
Climbing without hands. Here the balance is needed. (Picture Stefan Kürzi)

At the final barbecue party and award ceremony in the Monte Grillhütte in the valley, the winners - the masters of the senses - were finally determined together. The rookie Johannes Hofherr was awarded a trophy with a large rock crystal and, together with his team partner Rustam Gelmanov, was invited to the UV night shoot with photographer Markus Berger, who was staged that same evening. Second place and small rock crystal took Melissa Bernhard home. In addition, all rookies received Bernd Zangerl's freshly printed book "Bouldering" - of course with a personal dedication.

 "Of course during the event I had the next ideas that would suit All Senses, so you can look forward to the next edition." 

Bernd Zangerl

But you can never get enough of bouldering and most of the participants found their way back to the Silvapark the next day to rejoin the rock formations in a bouldering session.

It would not be surprising if, in a future edition of the All Senses Boulder Jam, we saw one or two rookies on the side of the Pros in the team.

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Credits: Pictures Stefan Kiitzi