Adam Ondra once again announces an extraordinary achievement: Climbing two 8c and one 8b boulder in a single day. The lines Nunavut, Pucmeloun and Intensitos are first ascents.

A few days ago, the attraction of the blocks in the Moravian Karst north of Brno was greater than the motivation to prepare for the competition in Toulouse.

"I was just waiting for the perfect day."

Adam Ondra

This day was last Thursday. Many indoor sessions in the period before and ideal autumnal conditions were the perfect conditions for the celebration of the boulder projects.

Adam Ondra's update after the second 8c first ascent of the day.

Adam Ondra climbed the two lines in a single day Nunavut (8c, FA) and Pucmeloun (8c, FA) and picked up Intensitos (8b) a third first ascent. His compatriots in Toulouse have to dress warmly.

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Credits: Cover picture Jakub Konecny