The Austrian Jakob Schubert manages the first ascent of the 8c boulder La Force Tranquille in the Swiss bouldering area Magic Wood.

The current conditions for bouldering in Magic Wood are great. Ideal temperatures and little rainfall continue to attract numerous motivated climbers to the blocks in the area. One who paid a visit to the Magic Wood is the Austrian Jakob Schubert.

On the first day he managed to repeat La Force Tranquille, an 8c boulder from Daniel Woods.

I love this five-star groin boulder that Daniel opened nine years ago!

Jakob Schubert

The next day, Jakob returned to the block to take some photos and also looked at the direct exit.

Short process with direct exit

The motivation was high - as was Jakob's fitness - and so an hour later he also climbed the dynamic trains of the direct exit. With the expansion, the Austrian took home the first ascent of La Force Tranquille Direct (8c) a.

I couldn't be happier than climbing this dream line!

Jakob Schubert

Jakob Schubert struggles with the evaluation of the line with its direct exit. Although the extension is harder than Daniel Woods' line, it is probably not to be rated 8c +.

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Credits: Cover picture Michael Piccolruz