The Austrian Jakob Schubert came to Ticino again last week and quickly climbed two heavy lines in Cresciano: Somnolence (8b) and The Story of Two Worlds (8c).

When Jakob Schubert comes, the blocks tremble. Because even the heavy lines do not withstand the strong Austrian for long. On his latest trip to Ticino, he quickly climbed the legendary Dave Graham line The Story of Two Worlds in Cresciano.

“The main goal of the trip was to climb the boulder The Story of Two Worlds, which I have tried in the past. This time I felt a lot fitter and was able to climb the boulder on the first day. "

Jakob Schubert

Got on the same block Jacob also an inspection of the line Drowsinessthat of the Americans Jimmy Webb erstbeging. Somnolence starts at the standing start of Dreamtime and then go up to the right. The line can be seen video below.

Fast ascent of the Bavona Boulder Off the Wagon

At the beginning of the month Jakob was already in Ticino. At that time he visited the classic Off the Wagon im Val Bavona, While he was denied the low start version (8c +), the classic standing start did not cause him much trouble.

Jakob Schubert on the tour of Off the Wagon in Val Bavona

This video shows Somnolence and other heavy Ticino lines

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Credits: Cover picture Alfons Dornauer