Meiringen was from the 13. to 14. April is the third meeting place of the world's best boulderers. 210 athletes from 30 countries took part in the Boulder World Cup and thrilled the audience. The gold medal went to Slovenian Jernej Kruder and Japanese Miho Nonaka. Petra Klingler and Baptiste Ometz climbed to the semifinals and ensured with the places 13 and 19 for the best Swiss results.

The World Cup season 2018 could not have started better. Meiringen had a brand-new climbing wall ready for the world's elite in bouldering. 30 meters long, 5 meters high and 6 tons heavy, the granite-colored colossus offered new, more spectacular route-making options, such as an unprecedented five element jump. The bouldering arena was like a cauldron in the final and the 13 athletes and the audience made for a great atmosphere. Miho Nonaka and Jernej Kruder are the winners of 2018. For Jernej it is the first World Cup title ever.

Two Swiss climbed to the semi-finals

Petra Klingler showed a good qualification with 4 tops and 5 zones and made it into the semi-finals in ninth place. After the good start, the semi-finals on Saturday morning did not go as expected for Petra Klingler. “I wanted to give everything in front of the home crowd and climb well. But I wanted it too badly. Accordingly, I was cramped and tense. ”After qualifying, all hopes for the Swiss men were on Baptiste Ometz, who made it through to the next round thanks to 15th place. But the Valais also showed difficulties with the semi-final boulder and only just reached two zones. He finished the World Cup in 19th place.

Austrians miss podium place close

As for the Swiss team, it was anything but (well) planned for the German athletes. Only Jan Hojer made it to the men's semi-final. The ladies and gentlemen from Austria showed a convincing performance. Young athlete Sandra Lettner promptly climbed into the finals at her first IFSC competition and finished fourth. Jakob Schubert showed a top performance among the men, but the Russian Post Aleksei Rubtsov disputed his post position.

Monkey style in the final boulder number 2

Video of the highlights of the Boulder World Cup in Meiringen

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