Jimmy Webb and his friends wanted to boulder in Fontainebleau for five weeks. The weather did not bother them. Fortunately, there is the sun room of Switzerland, the Ticino, with its dream lines. Arriving in the bouldering area of ​​Cresciano, Jimmy managed to commit the most famous boulder in a few sessions: Dreamtime (8c).

During 13 days in Fontainebleau, Jimmy Webb and his friends could only boulder on three days. So you do not imagine a successful climbing trip of course. Despite the limited climbing time, James managed to commit a seat-starting variant of an existing boulder, PH12, which quite excited him: "Even with all the days of rain we've had, just one good moment on this stone makes it all worth it." The new variant makes the line about an 8b.

Plan B - Trip to the bouldering paradise Cresciano

Even if PH12 Jimmy Webb made him rave, the weather was too much for him on the trigger. A few days ago, the American fled to the Swiss Sonnenstube to take on the most well-known boulder in Cresciano: Dreamtime (8c). With the of Fred Nicole James had still an open bill. "4 years ago I spent countless days trying this thing and never giving it to rest. It was a massive mental and physical battle for me and it killed me to be able to complete it. "

Big praise from Jimmy Webb to bouldering pioneer Fred Nicole

Apparently it was a good decision to resume this project four years later, because he succeeded in the commission on the first day of his current stay. Accordingly, the joy was great: "Words can not really describe the feeling of topping out something on your life and I have to sit there for a while and reflect on what this single rock means to me. Massive thanks to Fred Nicole for pioneering an incredible boulder so I can enjoy it almost 18 years later. "

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Credits: picture Kevin Takashi Smith


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