The American Powerhouse Jimmy Webb succeeded at the end of last year the first ascent of the Boulder Sleepwalker (8c +) in Black Velvet Canyon. According to Jimmy Webb, it is probably the heaviest boulder in the United States.

“At the beginning I couldn't climb a single turn of the boulder,” says Jimmy Webb. In the eleven days that followed, however, he deciphered every movement, made progress, and dealt with setbacks. The following video shows the emotions behind the inspection.

Video: The first ascent of Sleepwalker by Jimmy Webb

Sleepwalker: An old project by Nalle Hukkataival

Originally designed by the Finn Nalle Hukkataival the line in Black Velvet Canyon. An ascent of the Dry Nightmare but he was denied. At the turn of the year he returned and collaborated with Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods and Kevin Takahashi on the Boulder.

Daniel Woods at an attempt earlier this year

Credits: Cover picture Screenshot video

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