Martin Keller completes another long-term project with the celebration of New Base Line (8b +) in the bouldering area Magic Wood.

He is known for his seemingly infinite endurance when it comes to designing heavy lines: Martin keller also known as swizzybouldering. His most recent achievement is the celebration of the Magic Wood classic New Base Line (8b +). One day before the winter is over Averstal Einneteete succeeded Martin the successful ascent of the Bernd Zangerl first line.

"I'm really happy and I'm proud to commit this boulder, which does not suit me at all. Small bars, too many pounds on the ribs and too thick fingers for the starting handle are not a good combination. "

Martin Keller over the walk-through

Martin Keller has had a very successful year. First he succeeded in the commission of the Cresciano classic The Story of Two Worlds (8c), followed by the first ascent of the extended version of the Boulders Ninja Skills in Sobrio. In the commission of Ninja skills sit Martin 150 Sessions invested spread over three years. As a rating the 42 year old indicates 8c / 8c +. The season in Ticino has just begun and so we are curious how Martin the year ends.

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Credits: Title picture Martin Keller