The Swiss boulderer Martin Keller succeeds in climbing the Ill Trill boulder in Magic Wood after “only” two years.

Martin is known for its indescribable endurance when it comes to projecting heavy lines. 10 years or 150 sessions are numbers that fall in connection with his inspections. The ascent of Ill trill (8b +) within two years is almost out of the ordinary.

The joy of the inspection is huge. Ill Trill is a super cool boulder with its crazy and powerful moves. Also here: I liked the process up to the inspection!

Although the boulder lies with its heel hooks and movements Martin, as he says himself, the ascent was not long in coming. The last two moves of the boulder kept throwing Martin off. He managed the key point several times from the 8b standing start. In combination with the seat start, however, it was a different story.

When I was on the rock for the first time after the lockdown, I quickly noticed that my groin strength was better.

Nevertheless, Martin fell twice on the last move of the boulder. At the third go everything finally fit together and the boulder ill trill in Magic Wood was done.

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Martin Keller during the first ascent of Ninja Skills Sit

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Credits: Cover picture Martin keller