The world is turning faster and faster. Sometimes you hardly know where your head is. A meeting here, a deadline and privacy should not be neglected either. Luckily, there are little paradises like the Murg Valley, where you can dive into another world and turn off your head.

A contribution by Silvan Dermond - Bächli Bergsport

The breathtaking region around the Walensee serves many people as a recreational area. The nature here allows a large number of exciting leisure activities. For some time, more and more bouldering people have come to this area to enjoy themselves in the Murgtal at the boulders. When, more than two decades ago, the first boulderers laid hands on the reddish shimmering boulders, they could only guess at the incredible potential of this bouldering area. In recent years, climbing and especially bouldering has become established as a recreational sport. Sure, more and more people from all over the world go to the Murgtal to boulder here.

Plaisir bouldering and hard projects

Today, the Murg Valley is a considerable bouldering area, which is certainly one of the most beautiful spots in Switzerland. To the many classics of old master Fred Nicole new lines have been added in all degrees of difficulty. Therefore, beginners and beginners can enjoy themselves in the Murg Valley. For those who have never bouldered on the rocks, Silvan Dermond has Topo "Murgtal - Bouldering in the Valley of Unlimited Possibilities" put together two possible courses. The boulder blocks contained in it are not only the most beautiful in the lower difficulty levels, but also easy to find and have a good jumping off terrain.

One of the classics: L'ombre du vent by Fred Nicole

The most beautiful lines in the Murg Valley

The range of worthwhile lines in the Murg Valley is large and the more difficult the selection. In the above mentioned Topo the most beautiful lines are marked with a diamond. To pick out some: To the heavy classics belong Netsuke 8b + in the sector Steinbrächer, Bourgogne 8b in the sector Serpentine or Entlings 8b + in the same sector. In the 7. Degrees are found on the Batman block in the lake sector Monkey Factor 7a and Batman returns 7b + two top lines, as well Big Ben 7a in the paying agent sector, Broken Bottles 7c, New Kids on the block 7a and Eyes wide shut 7b in the Steinbrächer are very worthwhile. Beginners and beginners will be on Upgrade 5 +, On the safe side 6a, Monorail 6a +, Cornershop 6b + or Victory of Stubbornness 6b (Starting 6b +) have fun, which incidentally are also part of the above-mentioned course. In general, the sector Steinbrächer is particularly suitable for rock newcomers.

The Boulder New kids on the block (7a)

Families also boulder in the Murg Valley

The Murgtal is an ideal bouldering area for families. Whether the kids want to play or climb Boulder themselves does not matter. The forest offers countless beautiful opportunities for the little ones. In addition to beautiful forest clearings and idyllic brook spots, the kids can also enjoy the forest playground (in the sectors Purity and Steinbrächer). In this beautiful playground, which is made almost exclusively of wood, there is also an official barbecue area. Near the playground, there is an impressive waterfall that can be watched from a safe platform.

Murg Valley - the natural paradise

The natural spectacle goes far beyond the boulder blocks in the Murg Valley. The whole forest looks like magic. The moss immerses the environment in a beautiful green. The Kastanienweg takes visitors from the village of Murg through the forest. As the name implies, there are also sweet chestnuts in the Murg Valley. After bouldering to roast the self-collected chestnuts, completes the outdoor experience in a special way.

After a few minutes you will find yourself in a fauna reminiscent of the Shire of "Lord of the Rings", simply beautiful. For the whole round trip, depending on the pace, five to six hours are scheduled. If this is too long, the hike can be done "upside down". So you walk from the second parking lot about 90 minutes to the Murg lakes and then go back the same way. Those who have completed the ascent to the lakes, can eat in the mountain inn Murgsee and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Top boulder blocks surrounded by beautiful landscape: This is the Murg Valley

Catering and accommodation

In the restaurant Murg City the bouldering community is very welcome. It offers hearty food at reasonable prices. Who is still unsure whether a crash pad should be purchased, can rent one here to try the bouldering on the rock.

Camping Murg offers the opportunity to spend the night in a car, camper or tent. In the off-season - when the conditions are best for bouldering - you can camp right on the beautiful Walensee for a bargain price.

The Topo "Murgtal - Bouldering in the Valley of Unlimited Possibilities"

The Bouldertopo accompanies you purposefully through the Murgtal. Easy to understand maps lead you to the sectors and blocks. All blocks are shown with a photo and drawn lines. The simple boulders were also assessed in a comprehensible manner and clearly recorded. The character (inclination, type of climbing, kids boulder, etc.) of each problem is shown by means of various icons. So you can prepare perfectly for your bouldering trip. As already mentioned, the Topo also offers two courses for rock beginners in the appendix to the book. There is a free download code for the book to fill the app with topographic data.

Other important contents of the book are the rules of conduct. For an unproblematic coexistence of boulderers, farmers, residents and mother nature, the game protection regulations and park rules must be observed. ENJOY NATURE WITH RESPECT!

Well then, off to the Murg Valley. Have fun and go !!

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Credits: Cover picture David Tomlinson

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