The Bouldering and Speed ​​Swiss Championships 2022 took place this weekend in the climbing gyms in Villeneuve and Lausanne. In the women's bouldering discipline, Natalie Bärtschi was at the top of the podium, while Julien Clémence won gold in the men's bouldering discipline.

A total of eight new titles were awarded in bouldering and speed. They are divided into the categories Elite, U18, U16, U14, women and men. This year, the athletes had to qualify via the SportXX Swiss and Youth Climbing Cup. The top twelve of the Elite and U18 and the top 15 of the U16 and U14 got a starting place.

Final highlights by Julien Clémence

The new Swiss champions in the elite women are Natalie Bärtschi in bouldering and Francesca Walther in speed. For the men, Julien Clémence can call himself Boulder Swiss Champion and Raoul Waltenspühl is the Speed ​​Swiss Champion 2022.

Natalie Bärtschi
Natalie Bärtschi
Julien Clémence
Julien Clémence

Overview podium finishes bouldering

Results Elite Ladies – Boulder

  1. Natalie Bärtschi
  2. Anja Koehler
  3. Anne-Sophie Koller

Results Elite Men – Boulder

  1. Julien Clémence
  2. Nils Favre
  3. Baptiste Ometz

Next weekend the Lead Swiss Championships will take place in Ticino. On September 17th and 18th, the Evolution Center in Taverne will welcome the best elite climbers, U18, U16 and U14:

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