The Italian Niky Ceria climbs one of the most difficult boulders in Switzerland: Ephyra (8c +) in Schattental, Chironico.

At the Boulder Ephyra in the Schattental is an old bouldering problem in the Ticino bouldering area Chironico. Boulder sizes like Bernd Zangerl tried their hand at the line in 2009.

Niky himself tried the boulder for the first time in 2014, because the course suited him more than From Dirt Grows the Flowers. The American was with him to check out the trains Jimmy Webb.

I tried the line for the first time with Jimmy Webb and we spent a long time working on the ideal solution.

Niky Ceria

It was Jimmy Webb who succeeded in the first ascent of the Ephyra boulder a year ago. As a rating, he gave 8c +, which makes Ephyra one of the most difficult boulders in Switzerland.

The boulder is a combination of wide and shoulder-heavy moves that must be performed with a good dose of body tension, strength and precision. And the line ends with a tricky ending that should not be underestimated.

Niky Ceria

Video of Niky Ceria's ascent of Ephyra (8c +) in Chironico

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Credits: Cover picture Niky Ceria