Fontainebleau is one of the best and most popular bouldering areas in the world and it is the most important recreational area for the Parisians. The oil multinational Bridgeoil now wants to drill for oil in this area.

The countless sandstone blocks scattered in the woods, surrounded by mostly perfect jumping-off terrain. Fontainebleau is a true paradise for bouldering enthusiasts. Climbing has been going on here for decades, initially for training purposes to get fit for the big walls and high mountains. Today Fontainebleau primarily stands for bouldering lines in every imaginable level of difficulty.

Bridgeoil wants to drill for oil in the middle of the forest

As the association Environnement Bocage Gâtinais (EBG) writes on its website, ten additional oil wells are to be developed in the forests of Fontainebleau. These are Bridgeoil's plans.

The oil wells pose a risk to the drinking water supply for the population.

Environment Bocage Gâtinais

According to the EBG, this poses a risk for the drinking water supply of over 300 residents in the region and for the ecosystem of the local recreation area, and results in an immense volume of heavy haulage.

This is how the oil well works

EBG calls for their petition to be signed

The ETUC association calls for this project to be stopped and for its petition to be signed. Detailed information on the project can be found on the Environment Bocage Gâtinais website. The petition can be signed under the following link.

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