Romy Fuchs is not only strong on the rope, but also draws attention to himself when bouldering with hard lines. We spoke to the German climber about her impressive Ticino tick list.

last spring Romy Fuchs together with Lara Neumeier repeated the Corsica Kingline Delicatessen (120m, 8b) and demonstrated their skills on demanding boards with micro strips. This spring, the 22-year-old flashed her talent in another climbing discipline: bouldering. In the Tessin, she repeated numerous difficult lines during her two week trip.

Romy Fuchs in failure (8B). Image: Kim Marschner
One of her hardest boulders so far: Romy Fuchs in failure (8B). Picture: Kim Marschner

Ticino Ticklist by Romy Fuchs

Romy, you are currently very strong. What is your secret?

I think it helped me a lot to be in the same area a little longer. Not so much to project longer, but simply to get used to the rock and the holds.

«In addition, in winter I tried to be more consistent in building up training on the definition wall once or twice a week, as well as hand-hanging and fingerboarding. It seems to have worked out really well for me."

Romy Fuchs
Popular classic in Brione: Romy Fuchs in Forever More sit (8A/+). Image Tilman Rothe
Romy Fuchs in Forever More sit (8A/+). Picture Tilman Rothe

Did you come with specific goals or did you decide spontaneously what you want to do?

I've been wanting to see Versace and Kings of Sonlerto for a while, but I thought I'd check out the trains and see if I had a chance. I absolutely did not expect to be able to climb both lines at the same time. I've also wanted to try Frogger for a long time. However, the roof is often wet, which is why I really wanted to take the chance to climb the boulder.

"Entwash and Marilyn Monroe were more of my 'Nemesis' projects. I've tried both a few times on other holidays but never finished. That's why I was very happy that they went this time."

Romy Fuchs

I actually didn't know Forever more before that, but when I looked at it, the boulder kind of smiled at me and fortunately it went quite well for me.

Actually, I would have liked to try Heritage in Val Bavona. I checked out this boulder in December, but unfortunately it was wet this time. And even in Schattental I still had things open from last time that I couldn't even try now. Enough reasons to come back soon.

Team ABC (7C) was able to climb Romy Fuchs within one session. Image Tilman Rothe
Team ABC (7C) was able to climb Romy Fuchs within one session. Picture Tilman Rothe

Are there boulders in your ticklist that you are particularly happy to climb?

I found it particularly cool to climb Versace because the moves are simply mega and it is one of my hardest boulders so far. I was also very happy about Marilyn Monroe, because the last few times I didn't feel like I could climb the boulder. And Kings of Sonlerto was a lot of fun for me because I just love high boulders!

"It was quite a fight for Marilyn Monroe on the last day and I had given up hope a bit in between. That's always the coolest thing!"

Romy Fuchs

How would you summarize your Ticino trip?

I really enjoyed bouldering a lot and having a good time on the rock with my boyfriend and old acquaintances. Mutual support and joint project planning always motivate me a lot. If you then come home with a full ticklist, that's doubly cool, of course. 

Romy Fuchs in Frogger (8A). Image: Kim Marschner
Romy Fuchs repeats Frogger (8A). Picture: Kim Marschner

What else is on your “to do” list for climbing this year?

Inspired by this trip, I thought about maybe checking out New Baseline at Magic Wood. I hope to spend a few weekends there in the spring.

In addition, I would like to project a little more this season in my adopted home of Franconia, let's see how my stamina on the rope is. I don't have any specific routes in mind yet.

Towards the end of the year I'm planning a longer trip to South America where I just want to check out a lot of crags and spend some time bouldering in Chile.

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Credits: Cover picture Kim Marschner