The French boulderer Charles Albert succeeds in climbing the No Kpote only boulder in Fontainebleau. He suggests a level of difficulty 9a as a rating. No Kpote only is the second 9a boulder in the world.

At the time of the editorial there is only one reference to the commission of Charles Albert: An Instagram story by Giuliano Cameroni, who shows the cover of the French climbing magazine Grimper. In the latest issue a sensation is announced: Charles Albert, the barefoot climber, is celebrating the second 9a Boulder in the world.

Second 9a Boulder after Burden of Dreams by Nalle Hukkataival

For the first time went to 23. October 2016 a murmur through the climbing scene. The Finn Nalle Hukkataival started his long-term project and started with Burden of Dreams the first 9a Boulder in the world, Just over two years later, it is now a slightly less well-known athlete succeeds in the commission of an 9a Boulder: Charles Albert, Charles is known for bouldering barefoot. For just over five years, he has climbed exclusively without climbing shoes, as in the celebration of No Kpote only. Charles Albert bouldered several times in the 8c area and committed end of last year, the seat-start version of the Boulder Hypothesis (8c +).

Video of previous attempts of Boulder No Kpote only from minute 6: 37

Credits: Cover picture Charles Climbing


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