As we wrote recently, the Boulder Off the Wagon in Val Bavona has been under siege in the past few weeks. The result of this are two new inspections and three current videos. We present the latest three videos of the boulder.

The Boulder Off the Wagon, rated 8b + in its original version, is one of the most famous and impressive bouldering lines in the world. In November 2018, the American succeeded Shawn Raboutou for the first time the low-start version of the line, with which Switzerland had its first 8c + boulder. The attraction of the block continued to increase. Professional climbers from all over the world make the pilgrimage to Val Bavona to add the dream line to their ticklist.

The first repetitions secured themselves Jimmy Webb, followed by Daniel Woods in 2020. In April 2021 it was the Swiss Giuliano Cameroni who was able to put an end to the project Off the Wagon low after 100 days. A few days ago there were two repetitions of the low-start version, namely by the Ukrainian Sergei Topishko and the Germans Yannick Flohe. The videos of the last three repetitions have been online for a few days. Start the film.

Sergei Topishko during the ascent of Off the Wagon low (8c +)

Yannick Flohé visiting the boulder

Giuliano Cameroni inspecting the low-start version

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Credits: Cover picture mellow