The 21-year-old Frenchman Nico Pelorson surprised with a celebration of the Boulders Délir onirique (sit) with only one climbing shoe.

That Nicolas Pelorson Doing a 8c boulder is not a surprise in itself, as he already has several 8b + Boulder and 8c boulders in his account. But interesting is a detail in his recent visit: He climbed the Boulder Délir onirique assis in Fontainebleau with only one climbing shoe and invested around 20 sessions, until he managed to get through.

“Right after the figure-of-four there is a hole for the left foot. This kick just held me better without a shoe.

Nico Pelorson at the celebration of Délir onirique assis in Fontainebleau

Late last year, it was the famous Boulder Big Island (8c) at Coquibus Rumont Nico was able to climb.

Nico at the celebration of Big Island

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Credits: Cover picture Nico Pelorson


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