The bouldering area in Grisons Averstal is world famous. Every year, thousands of boulderers and pilgrims make their way to the Magic Wood. Recently Ulrich and Harald Röker have published the second edition of their Bouldertopos.

A contribution by Nora Scheel, Bächli Bergsport

The "Magic Wood" magically captivates every boulderer and boulderer. No wonder, because it offers an incomparably high density of top lines in the best granite, in the middle of a fairytale forest. The area was opened in the middle of the 90er years by a group around Jack Müller and Thomas Steinbrugger. At that time, there was no bridge over the Averser Rhine, only a steel cable led over the roaring mountain stream.

Today it is different: A bridge built by the municipality leads into the "Magic Wood", located at the entrance of the area Campsite with washing-up troughs, toilets and showers and within walking distance of the bouldering area you will find the Gasthaus Edelweiss of Thomas Saluz, the operator of the camping.

Philippe Allensbach in the Magic Wood classic Riverbed (8b).

The second edition is here

For a long time the topo of the bouldering area was only part of the leader volumes "Swiss Bloc No. 1" by Gebro Verlag and "Alpen en bloc Band 1" by Panico Verlag. Finally, Ulrich and Harald Röker released the first independent Topo "Magic Wood - Blog" on 2016. Since then, however, has done a lot again, so that the Leader already in June this year in second edition has appeared. For the guide's update, the writing team closely followed the activities of the past few years and revised outdated data. In addition, they have roamed the block field several times, recorded new problems and freshly cleaned older lines.

Andrea Kümin in Jack the Chipper

260 new boulder problems in Magic Wood

new leaders comprises 1'213 boulders, a total of 260 problems more than its predecessor. As in the first edition, every line in the new topo is drawn on a color photo. An index of all bouldering problems at the end of the leader - both alphabetically and according to level of difficulty - which makes it easier to find individual problems. At the beginning of leader as well as each sector, there is also an overview map on which each block with number and the better-known lines with names are drawn.

A rare but cool line on the back of the often visited Bruno block.

When buying each leader is a contribution to the IG Magic Wood, which is committed to the preservation of the area. Please follow a few rules when you go bouldering in the Magic Wood to avoid conflicts with the community and the locals: No wild camping, no fire, use the designated parking lots and follow the bouldering zone according to the bulletin board on the campsite. When bouldering course, the same applies - diligently brush and remove the tickmarks when leaving.

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Credits: Cover picture Tom Malecha / Films by Draussen