It doesn't always have to be the climbing gym or the mountains: You can also boulder in the middle of the city after work. Transa sales consultant Pesche Wüthrich shows you his favorite bouldering spots in and around the city of Bern, which he has known and loved since the 80s.

A contribution by Somara Frick - Transa Backpacking

1 Kirchenfeldbrücke - first bouldering, then cooling off

If you walk straight down to the Aare from Casino Bern, you will encounter several retaining walls with different challenges under the Kirchenfeldbrücke: roof boulders and routes with small grips are just as attractive as long traverses of light and medium difficulty.

In July and August 2021, Transa organized urban bouldering events with Pesche Wüthrich in Bern.

To give yourself an extra challenge, you can try to cross the trusses without any joints or ledges and instead just hold on to the structures. And on warm days, after city bouldering, you can jump into the Aare.

2 The Beaumont-Bridge requires finger power

At the underpass near Weissenbühl train station, a four-meter high quarry stone wall awaits you directly under the train tracks. The technically demanding wall challenges your finger strength on several vertical routes. Just like in the previous spot, the person securing it stands on the sidewalk on the street - so be considerate of pedestrians and bicycles and always let yourself be mocked so that you cannot fall onto the street.

Pesche Wüthrich doing urban bouldering

"In the 80s, bouldering was something new in the city, and accordingly we were often asked if we were training for the Eiger north face. At the explanation that the bouldering passages here would be a lot more difficult than the Eiger north face, we received pitying and incomprehensible looks. At some point we gave up trying to explain and only answered with 'Yes, yes'. ”- Pesche Wüthrich

3 Linden Valley makes the bouldering heart beat faster

No longer in the city, but can be reached quickly by bike from Bern: In Lindental, you will be giving away your bouldering heart. The high sandstone walls offer countless routes and let you get creative. Located in the forest, you are not exposed to the blazing sun in summer and thanks to the slight overhang you are also relatively well protected from rain.

If you come from Bern, turn right in the direction of Stettlen, then immediately left again to the parking lot at the edge of the forest and from there a dirt road leads to the bouldering area.

IMPORTANT: From February 1st to June 31st there is a strict climbing ban in the Lindental. 

You don't have a bouldering mat yet? In the Transa Markthalle Bern you can rent - or buy - bouldering mats and other outdoor equipment.

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